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Coca-Cola donates $52,000 to Rescue Ranch

Ryan Newman was recently presented with a check of $52,000 by Coca-Cola. This was a great present for his 40th birthday.   Which coincided with the 13th Annual Charity Dinner and Auction for Rescue Ranch, a non-profit organization run by him and his wife Krissie.

Ryan Newman is a NASCAR driver and Coca-Cola is the official soft drink of NASCAR. He participates in a program called Chug for Charity run by Coca-Cola. Drivers receive “points” for “chugs” which encourages them to drink Coca-Cola while on the track.

They accumulate these points over a certain period and the winner receives a donation for a charity of his choice. At the end of the year, the driver with the most donations becomes champion. This program has meant that Coca-Cola has contributed more than $3 million to charities since 2002.

Newman has been champion once before in 2010 and he has raised $430,000 for charity over the years. He says that the Chug for Charity program is an awesome one because he loves drinking Coca-Cola at home with family or on the track and through the program; he can make every ‘chug’ count.

Vision for Rescue Ranch

Both the Newmans are animal lovers and Rescue Ranch was formed as an animal education center. Schools from far and wide enjoy field trips to the ranch where they learn about the animals and how to treat them.

The vision is for Rescue Ranch to become a premier animal education center and it is well on the way to this goal.

The ranch has an 8,000 square foot education center with classrooms and a nature trail so children learn inside and outside the classroom. A more recent addition is a playground that’s accessible to all children, including those with disabilities.

This will enable the ranch to offer field trips lasting a whole day, giving children the opportunity to learn and to play.

Ryan and Krissie Newman are both passionate about caring for animals and this shows in what they have managed to achieve. This recent donation means that they will be able to put into practice more of their plans for the future of the ranch.

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