Generation Z – Marketing to The Most Connected Generation Ever

Generation Z, or otherwise fondly known as Gen Zers, are born after 1995, and they grew up with internet access and mobile technology. This makes them harder to market to than other generations in that they have developed very selective filters.

They have a very short attention span! In turn, this offers marketers plenty of new and interesting opportunities.

Gen Zers are called digital natives.  They are used to using five different digital devices.  Marketing to them, you will need to have a strategy that utilizes these devices.  Should be unified across all platforms.

Generation Z are entrepreneurial minded

William Sipper on marketing to Generation Z
William Sipper on marketing to Generation Z

They are often entrepreneurial because they start building up their online presence from a young age. If they find they have attracted an audience, they are likely to want to leverage it to create their own income.

As such they are not just consumers and they cannot be treated as such. Companies need to think about ways to collaborate with them rather than simply marketing to them.

An example of this is the collaboration of Wat-Ahh! With Ariana Grande. She is a Gen Zer who is living out her dreams and wants to have an influence on other young people.

Ariana was signed up as a spokesperson but also as an equity partner. She was happy to do so because she could put her heart behind the product.

She loves drinking water, enjoys a healthy lifestyle and would like to get other young people to do so too. Humanizing your brand by giving it a face is important to Gen Zers.

Making a Difference

Gen Zers want to make a difference in the world.  They are prepared to work with brands in order to facilitate such change. They are also more open-minded and inclusive than previous generations.  A point that marketers need to remember as they are likely to respond to inclusive, thoughtful marketing.

Engaging with Gen Zers on social platforms is very important. If you can establish a conversation with them that’s beneficial to you and them, they will listen.

Initiating a two-way conversation online will make marketing more successful.  Addressing trends an issues that interest them instead of using more traditional marketing methods.


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