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Trends in the Global Beverages Flavor Market 

The beverage market is evolving worldwide as several changes have occurred.  Sugar content in beverages, for instance, has become a hot topic worldwide as we continue to fight growing rates of diabetes and obesity.  Global Beverages Flavor Market are containing less sugar are being created due to customer demand.  The days when we drink a coke with every meal are gone.

Worldwide there is an increasing tendency to look for healthier options and naturally-flavored drinks are very popular. People want more organic and natural options. Water has never been upgraded in so many interesting ways before, often containing hints of fruit without added sugar.  The desire for bottled water is likely to surge in the years ahead.  The coconut water category has already seen tremendous growth.

New Tastes

Young consumers are experimenting with drinks and are always on the lookout for new, sensational tastes. We are seeing new, interesting flavored beverages all the time. Soft drinks may include unusual flavors such as spicy ginger, chilli pepper, turmeric or a combination of herbs.

Increasing technological advancements have also played a part in the growth of the global beverages flavor market. The convenient packaging of alcoholic beverages, for instance, has become highly competitive.

Some restraints to growth may come from the fact that flavored beverages tend to have less shelf life and they cost more to produce.  However, the stage is set for industry growth and even small adjustments to existing products are proving very popular.  Such as all the upgrades to lemonades and iced teas.

Always Expanding Beverage Market

Of all the regions involved in the global flavor market, Latin America is expected to experience the highest rate of growth. At present North America is the biggest consumer of natural flavors. Most other regions will also experience solid growth over the next while.

In Asia, water and sports drinks are becoming more popular as consumers seek out these products for daily hydration in the hot climate.

While the search for the next great flavor continues, the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. The money is flowing into innovative new brands and new types of drinks companies are likely to become more prevalent.

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