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City of Change

Medellin Colombia used to be known as the murder capital of the world.  Also was considered the drug cartel capital as well.  Nowadays, that has all changed.  I was lucky enough, or at the time didn’t think I was lucky,  to travel to this city years ago when all I heard about were those stories.

When I arrived in Medellin, all of those stories meant nothing to me. The city blew me away with the beauty and the people.  It is a city full of color.  From the buildings to the topography to the people.

The people of Medellin made that trip so special that even years later this city still holds a special place in my heart.  It’s residents are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

The Ghettos

The government have worked diligently to change the entire place to a innovative safer environment for its residents.  The so called ghettos of Medellin didn’t compare to the ghettos of the United States.  Today, the crime rate is considered much lower than most major cities in the US.

The innovative ways that has been implemented in the city have brought a great deal of prosperity to their people.  The city put in outdoor escalators and aerial tram systems to carry people around.  In some places, it would take 10 hours to get to and from work that was located just a few miles away.

Medellin is named one of the world’s most innovative cities next to New York and Tel Aviv.  Although this new title is a huge step in the right direction, there are still things that need to be helped.

Lending A Hand in Medellin

There are many areas that don’t look like innovation has or will ever come to that area.  The housing still look like shanty towns as some might call it.  The homes in these areas often do not have a decent roof.  Their roofs are just sheet metal just laid across so barely any protection from the heat, rain and sun.

This is where I am asking for your help.  One thing that will hugely improve the lives of these wonderful people is their living situations.  The roofs will provide them with better living conditions.  The children should not have to lay-down on water soaked beds at night.  Nor should the temperatures inside their homes rise because of a metal roof.

Go Fund Me

I decided to start a Go Fund Me page to help build roofs for the people of this city.  All of the funds generated by this page will go directly to the purchase of the necessary materials and for the installation of new roofs, hopefully throughout the city.

The roofs are not going to be fancy in any manner, just a good solid roof to protects its occupants from the outside elements.

The initial goal is to raise $100,000.00.  This should be able to install about 75 to 100 roofs.  This is a great starting goal.  I am asking for you to donate whatever you can, from $5, $10 to $20 or whatever you wish to provide.

Help make this world a better place one roof at a time.  Click on this link below for the page…



Medellin Columbia post by William Sipper photocredit unknown
Medellin Columbia post by William Sipper photocredit unknown

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